Saturday, June 21, 2008

Republicans for Carney?

This week, Chris Carney decided to prove his bipartisan appeal with the roll-out of his "Republicans for Carney" campaign. The "Republicans" present testimonials which demonstrate how Carney convinced them to finally support a Democrat.

However, when you look at these "Republican" testimonials and cross-reference them with the individual campaign contribution filings, an interesting pattern begins to emerge. Here are a few samples:
Susan Belin (Waverly, PA):
  • April 2008: $250 to Barack Obama*
  • September 2006: $250 to Judith Aydelott (Democrat for Congress NY)*
  • August 2001: $100 to Friends of Bob Mellow**

Lee Oakes (Lords Valley, PA):

  • March 2002: $150 to Ed Rendell**

John Mathias (Lewisburg, PA):

  • November 2005: $250 Bob Casey for Senate*
  • March 2008: $100 Union County Democrat Committee**

John Zeller (Lewisbug, PA):

  • October 2004: $200 Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee*
  • March 2007: $70 Union County Democrat Committee**
  • February 2008: $100 Friends of Trey Casimir**
  • October 2006: $100 Committee to Elect Steve Connolley**
  • September 2004: $100 Union County Democrat Committee**

Marcia Dunn (Clarks Summit, PA):

  • March 2007: $80 Friends of Jim Wansacz**

Marvin Staiman (Williamsport, PA):

  • October 2000: $1,000 Democratic National Committee*
  • August 2005: $500 Bob Casey*
  • May 2006: $250 Ed Rendell**
  • August 2006: $100 Ed Rendell**
  • April 2003: $100 Charles Greevy for Judge**
  • April 2003: $100 Max Baer**
  • October 2003: $100 Charles Greevy for Judge**
  • May 2004: $100 Lycoming County Democrats**
  • May 2003: $100 Max Baer**

Joe Lech (Tunkhannock, PA):

  • April 2001: $500 Bob Casey for Governor**
  • June 2004: $250 Bob Casey for Treasurer**

* Found at FEC Individual Contributor Search
**Found at PA Department of State Contributor Search

These are just seven of the twenty-four names on the list. While these donations don't mean that the listed supporters aren't registered as Republicans, it does show that these individuals haven't been afraid to support Democrats in the past.

This is a great PR stunt and has garnered Carney's campaign quite a deal of press, from the Times Leader to "The Fix" at the Washington Post. However, Carney would be hard pressed to reconcile some of his supporters' donation records with their dramatic statements (e.g. "I've been a registered Republican from day one" and "As a life-long Republican...").

At the end of the day, these supporters are not an accurate depiction of Republican voters in the tenth district. Republicans should not allow a handful of individuals to allay their concerns about Carney. Incumbency alone should not determine a candidate's worth.


Andre said...

That is ridiculous. If we want to ruin someone's Republican credentials
based on who they donate to--we need to start with Chris Hackett.
Hackett has donated to LOTS of Democrats: Skrepnak, Vondeheid, Leighton.

Mary L said...

Are you kidding? Going through donations! Lets start with the candidate. What did Hackett do? Give to Dems. Lots of them. So a registered Republican who gives to Dems shouldn't be considered a Republican? Does this mean Hackett is re-registering as a Democrat?

Local Values said...

Thanks for the feedback, but I believe you are missing the point of the post.

The issue was not necessarily the individual donations, but the way the Carney campaign used these Republicans for campaign purposes. For instance, they roll these individuals out at a press conference and create a "testimonials" page over on his campaign website. If you visited his campaign web site, you would realize these testimonials are meant to be dramatic and give the appearance that Chris Carney converted them.

Howard said...

Hackett is the worst offender of them all. He loves to call himself a
conservative but still give to Dems--Skrepnak, Vondeheid and Leighton. If
they are a Luzerne Dem and can funnel business to Hackett, then they can
expect a donation.

Scott said...

If giving to three local democrats means giving to "lots" of Democrats, than I have lots of kids (three) and my friend that has five must have "a ton" and the family I know who has eight, has what, a gazillion?

Republicans for Carney, what a sham! Same as calling him a "Blue Dog", when he actually votes with Pelosi 85% of the time.

Spare me the theatrics and show me your votes.